Monday, September 16, 2013

Magpie Tales ~ A Journey!

Tess from The Mag, provided the following image....

I couldn't resist...been awhile, but I had to play yet again....

Sunset Cruise

We set sail in the morning,
to follow the sun.
Sailing away,
Sailing the day away!

We set sail in the morning,
compass in hand.
Sailing all day,
Sailing for pay!

We set sail in the morning,
for pleasure; for fun.
Sailing along,
Sailing in song!

We set sail in the morning,
watching the clouds,
totally losing our way,
what can I say?

We are totally sailing
now the next day.
Where the hell is the sun?
What happened to the fun!

Sailing away,
not enjoying the sun.
Looking at each other,
Wondering if food!

Sailing away,
all by myself.
Following the sun!
Following the sun!!

What can I say....but have a nice day!

Hugging you,



  1. hahaha getting lost out to sea would be no fun....what started as a joy becoming something quite scary...

  2. Now I want to sail away, following the sun...

  3. Sailing into the wide blue yonder. . .

    I hope you found the food! Without food it’s no fun any more.

  4. Your clouds certainly added depth to the flat map...

  5. Uh-oh! Interesting journey...